use your iphone in Italy with a Local pre-paid Vodafone micro sim

you can use your Iphone in italy without paying roaming fees, just get a local micro sim card in any vodafone italia store. here the instructions step by step:

1) go to a vodafone store, and ask for a pre-paid Vodafone Micro-SIM 128K the cost is 30 euro.
2) ask to activate the sim with a mobileinternet plus data plan, this way you are covered for a week (7 days) with data up to 2gb.
3) the activation and data plan update may take a few hours.
4) if your iphone shows “no signal” put the sim in another phone or ask the store to activate it a store phone. then put the micro sim back in your iphone.
3) change the apn to , if your phone does not have the option to change APN , go to and select custom APN then enter and apply changes.
4) your iphone is now ready to go and working with vodafone italian network.
5) you can sign up to website and manage your account from there. choose another data plan or adding money to your account.

vodafone italia micro sim
vodafone italia micro sim

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