Hyatt Courtesy Card – Gold Passport

The Box

Open Box

The Ribbon

Paper Wrap

The Robe and the Envelope

Welcome In

The Card

The Card Closeup

The Letter

The Letter Closeup

The Envelope

The Book Closeup

The Book

3 thoughts on “Hyatt Courtesy Card – Gold Passport”

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  2. HappyHyattCamper

    Well yes having a Courtesy Card is GREAT.

    Here’s a couple stories about my travels with the Hyatt Courtesy Card:
    1. Made a reservation in June for a December booking for the Hyatt in Key West. When I arrived in Miami on my flight I knew that it was going to be about a 3 hour drive to Key West so I thought about calling ahead and letting them know I’d be in about 8PM.
    But…I remembered…you don’t have to do such things when you have a CC. So, I arrived at the Front Desk and the person behind the desk said “May I show you to our xxx restaurant”…thought that was strange but said: “Perhaps later…after I’ve checked it”. I got a bewildered look from the person behind the counter and then she said “We’re all booked”. So…knowing that I’ve already BOOKED the reservation months ago…I’m good as Gold. Well, maybe not. When I then presented my Courtesy Card…the person behind the counter said: “Oh…I’ve only heard about these…I’ve never really seen one in person” and then said “I need to call the Resident Manager”. Oops…something was going/about to go frightfully wrong, I thought.
    The Resident Manager promptly arrives at the Front Desk and says: “When did you make your reservation???”…I responded about 6 months ago through 18002283366. He pulls up HIS reservations and can’t find mine. Some serious OOOPPPPSSSing is going on here. He then calls Kansas City (reservation central) and asks about my CC reservation. Well, well…THEY have it from June but don’t know why HE doesn’t have it. So…he says…please go have dinner on us and I’ll figure out something as WE ARE COMPLETELY BOOKED.
    After returning from ‘dinner’ the RM says “We’re completely booked…but if you’ll allow me to check for some other comparable rooms in Key West…I’ll treat you like a KING for the remainder of your week stay”… Well, OK, not happy but understanding.

    Back to the restaurant for more drinks when the RM returns and tells me there are NO rooms in KEY WEST that he would put me in. Ooops…this is getting worse, I thought.

    Well…15 minutes later…he shows up, again, at the restaurant and tells me “We found you a great room!”…So, how did this all of a sudden happen??? RM displaced a HYATT employee (to stay with him) who was using one of their perks to stay at the Hyatt Key West.

    Great room…great stay…Hyatt is the best.

    Story #2
    After accumulating 1,000’s of points…I decided to use some on my CAMPERVAN trip around Australia. I called CC central and booked a few days at the Hyatt Park in Sydney.
    So…I pull up to the front door of the hotel in my campervan and one of the helpers at the front door yells at me: “Can I help you find a parking lot???”…Well “No, not really, I’m simply checking it”. After hearing my last name he says “Oh my gosh, Mr. XXXX, we’ve been waiting for you!!!”
    Concierge shows me to the GOVERNORS SUITE with 3 windows which look out over 1) Sydney Harbor Bridge 2) Sydney Opera House and 3) Downtown Sydney. “My this is a great suite, I commented”. Conciege then comments “Oh…yes Ms. Roberts really liked the suite, as well”. Hhm…Ms Roberts? “She asked that we call her Julia”. So…Julia Roberts stayed in this suite? “Oh yes, she left about 2 hours ago.” Call her…get her back here…I’m sure she forgot something!!!!!!

    Great stay…great hotel.

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