how to watch copa america in apple tv


copa america in apple tv watch copa america with airplay

Youtube is broadcasting all Copa America games in HD in the url, however apple TV cannot read that stream for some reason.
Also, safari or youtube mobile can only send audio to the Apple TV with Airplay making impossible to watch it outside the iphone, ipod touch, pc/mac, or Ipad.

Here a workaround to watch the games in your TV with an Ipad, Airplay and Apple TV.

1) you will need an application called icab mobile, ($1,99) it is a special browser with the ability to send airplay video signals to aplpe tv. here the link of the itunes store

2) once downloaded icab mobile, start icab mobile , go to configuration, modules and change the airplay option to load automatically, then restart the application.

3) within icab mobile enter URL, select live video and enjoy watching it in HD to your apple TV !

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